Company Profile

Company Name
Head Office
341-23 Ohata, Yokawa-cho, Miki-shi, Hyogo, 673-1116, Japan
Contact Info.
TEL: +81-794-73-0212 FAX: +81-794-73-0200
Date of Establishment
April 1970
Yumi Shida
Paid-in Capital
JPY50 million
Number of Employees

We create an impression and provide fishing scenes to anglers all over the world
through heritage and artisan skills, known as “Takumi”.

Hayabusa is located in Banshu, Miki-city which is well known as one of the leading hardware production regions in Japan with more than 1,500-year history. We have inherited traditional craftsmanship which have been carefully kept by our predecessors in this region. We have also inherited the spirits of “Develop skills, discover ideas, and try hard” to always strive for heights.
In 1959, Hayato Tajiri established Hayabusa’s predecessor company, “Tajiri Hayato Shoten”, and in April 1970, he also established Hayabusa Fishing Hooks Co., Ltd.
We have also started 2 projects Hayabusa Lady “Hayaka” and “Hayabusa Kids” for the purpose of increasing in the number of anglers. We believe that people who enjoyed fishing with their family in childhood teach their children and/or grandchildren fishing, so we would like to offer the projects to many people.
These all ideas came from the origin of “Takumi”, and superior handicraft skills are maintained by approximately 1,000 craftsmen in China, Vietnam, and Myanmar factories. We believe our mission is to become a world-class brand from Japan and to touch people’s hearts all over the world.

We ask for your continued support.